E-Newsletter issue 17, Jan’18

The Patang Project book was launched on 27 October 2017 by Ms. Stuti Kakkar, Chairperson of National Commission for Protection of Child Rights. To know about the findings, you can now purchase a copy from www.amazon.in or by reaching out to us at team@amritindia.in E-Newsletter Amrit Issue 17-English E-Newsletter Amrit Issue 17-Hindi

Annual Report 2016-17

Our latest annual report celebrates our achievements in our fifth year – we hope you enjoy reading it!

Amritshala Video 11 : Ms. Neelam Bakshi, Special Educator at Inspiration (Tilak Nagar)

In our Eleventh Amritshala Video, Ms. Neelam special educator at Inspiration speaks about different tips used in schools to improve the progress of the child and how these tips can be effectively used by parents at home. She also emphasizes the role of family in easy integration of child in the family and the society.     We will […]


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