Amritshala Video 9 : Ms. Rupa Kapoor, Member of NCPCR

In our ninth Amritshala Video, Ms. Rupa Kapoor who is a member of National Commission for Protection of Child rights (NCPCR) provides information about the role of NCPCR in Child Health, Development and Protection of Child Rights. She has also emphasised that ALL children are equal in the eyes of the commission.     We will be releasing a […]

E-Newsletter issue 16, Oct’17

The launch of the Patang Project book is scheduled for October 2017. The book highlights the difficulties that caregivers face everyday, and the difference in social outcomes between children with challenges and their siblings.

Amritshala Video 8 : Ms. Madhvi Kalbele, B-Able

In our eighth Amritshala Video, Ms. Madhvi Kalbele who is a senior executive at B-Able advises parents on their role in raising a child with challenge.  She also reiterates the fact that children with challenges, like all other children are capable of achieving their fullest potential provided they get the right guidance. We will be releasing a […]


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