Amritshala Video 8 : Ms. Madhvi Kalbele, B-Able

In our eighth Amritshala Video, Ms. Madhvi Kalbele who is a senior executive at B-Able advises parents on their role in raising a child with challenge.  She also reiterates the fact that children with challenges, like all other children are capable of achieving their fullest potential provided they get the right guidance. We will be releasing a […]

Amritshala Video 7 : Ms. Mudita Yadav, special educator

In our seventh Amritshala Video, Ms. Mudita Yadav who is a special educator, advises parents on the CBSE norms and guidelines for children with special needs enrolled in mainstream schools. She also focuses on concessions that special educators can take advantage of in order to ensure success for children with special needs. We will be […]

Amritshala Video 6: Ms. Mrinalinee Rana

In our sixth Amritshala Video, Ms. Mrinalinee Rana who is a clinical psychologist, advises parents on early detection and early signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder. She also talks about the coping strategies parents must adopt in raising a child with Autism.     We will be releasing a new Amritshala video every month. To view our earlier videos, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LLtKYavGG0&list=PLEneRhRmbWtU2N2RloYDop3yOIRSMNCIu Subscribe […]


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