Fast Facts

Fast Fact 12 – Service Access In Delhi

To know the situation of services accessed by PwC in Delhi. Read our latest Fast Fact.   

Fast Facts 11: Disability Certification in Delhi

The 11th edition of Fast Facts is here!   

Fast Facts 10: Research to Address Challenges

The 10th edition of Fast Facts is here! In this issue, we flag the gap in empirical knowledge on persons with challenges in India. Read more below.

Fast Facts 9: Employment of Persons with Disabilities

Are you aware that 1.34 crore PwD are of employable age, but only a quarter of them are included in the workforce? Read our latest Fast Facts to learn more about how PwD are marginalised when it comes to employment and the effect it has on our economy.

Fast Facts 8: The PWD Bill, 2014

The PWD Bill was introduced in Rajya Sabha in February 2014 to amend the existing 20-year-old law on disability. Read our eighth Fast Facts to learn more about its provisions.    

Fast Facts 7: Literacy of Women with Disability

Did you know that women with disability face exclusion at educational institutions because they have a double disadvantage of gender and disability? Read on to learn more.  

Fast Facts 6: Intellectual Disability

Do you know what is Intellectual Disability and what are its types? Read our latest Fast Facts to learn about ID, what is the biggest issue regarding ID in India and what steps need to be taken to ensure that persons with ID can live a full and meaningful life.

Fast Facts 5: Cerebral Palsy

What is Cerebral Palsy? What are the key issues that affect persons with Cerebral Palsy in India? Read our fifth Fast Facts to find out more.  

Fast Facts 4: Diagnose Autism Early

Read our Fast Facts to find out what Autism is, and learn about the early signs of Autism. Intervention in the early years of a child’s development is essential to help address the symptoms of Autism, but most cases in India are currently diagnosed late.

Fast Facts 3: Down Syndrome

Do you know what Down Syndrome is? Our third Fast Facts includes a basic introduction to Down Syndrome. It also highlights the lack of understanding of the abilities and needs of persons with Down Syndrome, which prevents many from fulfilling their potential.