Skills Development

Skills Development is an initiative to ensure normalization and mainstream young adults with intellectual and developmental challenges in wider society through skills development training and giving them an opportunity to enter the workforce to contribute to the economic growth of the country.

The program aims to:

  • Mainstream people with intellectual and developmental challenges for skills development training and explore more areas other than the conventional areas of bakery making and handicraft.
  • It aims to improve the scope of employability of participants in different areas such as Tourism and Hospitality (F&B Steward and Housekeeping Attendant), Organized Retail and IT.

Amrit collaborated with Sarthak Educational Trust and F-Tec to provide skills development training. We forged a partnership with Sarthak for an Employability Training Program, wherein the focus is both on employability enhancement as well as employment generation for the trainees. F-Tec provides training on building computer competence among children with intellectual and developmental challenges for a period of 90 days.

In 2016-17, 10 young adults have completed their training at Sarthak Educational Trust and F-Tec, in different sectors such as retail, hospitality and IT.  We have also collaborated with different companies such as C and C Construction and Bombakery for the placement of trained young people, thereby mainstreaming them into society and helping them achieve a life of dignity and respect. We are proud to announce that we have placed 3 students in both the companies.

With the successful implementation of the program in the first year, we are happy to announce that we are strive to train young adults with intellectual and development disability in 2017-18, so if you know an young adult looking for training and improving their chances of employability, please do get in touch with us.