Volunteer / Intern

Team Amrit believes that volunteers and interns are valuable assets and can help us fulfill the organization’s goal of equity and inclusion in society.

By sharing your time, energy and skills with Amrit Foundation, you can help us change the lives of children with challenges. It’s also a great way to meet new people, build on existing experience, learn new skills and enhance your CV. Whether you have just one hour to give, or can help us on a regular basis, we need you!

The internship / volunteer program at the Amrit Foundation of India is designed to offer exposure to students and working professionals from varied academic and professional backgrounds. It is an opportunity for such driven individuals to transform their passion into results and become a part of our effort to ensure a lasting change for children with intellectual and development challenges.

At Amrit, we believe in the inclusion of all individuals irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, sex or challenge. We prefer the word challenge over disability because we believe that challenges can be overcome if these people are provided right guidance and services. In keeping with our vision, we encourage people with intellectual and development challenges to apply for internships or to be a volunteer and be a part of the organization.

The design of an internship / volunteer program depends on both the interest and skill areas of the interns as well as requirements of the organization. The program gives you a chance to explore and contribute towards the important aspects of running the organization. You can choose to be a part of activities ranging from public mobilization, research, field exposures, documentation to piloting project ideas, organizing events or even putting into action your media advocacy skills

This is an intensive engagement and no stipend is offered. The incidental costs pertaining to the assignment may be covered.

We have opportunities to suit all interests and skills. If you’re interested in:

  1. Meeting new people: 
    • Help us plan and deliver an ‘Under the Little Peepul Tree’ event for children with challenges and their families
    • Help us empanel service providers in Delhi-NCR
    • Build linkages with newspapers and television so that the cause of children with challenges can gain visibility in the media
  2. Working directly with children with challenges:
    • Work with a grassroots organization
    • Buddy with a child with challenge
    • Organize activities for children with challenges at an ‘Under the Little Peepul Tree’ event
  3. Carrying out research:
    • Help us find content for the next issue of our E-newsletter and Fast Facts
    • Interview caregivers and service providers and write up a case study on their experiences of caring for children with challenges
  4. Raising awareness about children with challenges:
    • Become a campus ambassador and represent Amrit to your fellow students
    • Help us plan and deliver sensitization workshops for schools and colleges
    • Develop communication material to advocate for children with challenges
    • Find material to feed into our social media initiatives on Facebook and Twitter
  5. Being creative:
    • Create videos for Amrit’s YouTube channel
    • Develop radio programs for children with challenges
    • Write an article or short story about what inclusion means to you, or your experience with intellectual challenges
    • Design artwork for Amrit
  6. Helping out in the office:
    • Help us manage our database of service providers
    • Help Team Amrit in running the office

Please fill out the volunteer/intern form at http://goo.gl/forms/853Scu9DVFGLGynF2 to express your interest.