Patang Survey

Patang is a rigorous, Delhi-wide survey on the social and services barriers that stand in the way of children with challenges and their caregivers from getting the help they need. The Patang Study aims to fill the urgent need for better ground-level data on what could be done to improve availability, access and utilization of services by children with challenges.

In order to create a level playing field, persons with intellectual and developmental challenges need specialised services to help them overcome their challenges. However, persons with intellectual and developmental challenges and their caregivers face a number of barriers in getting the services they need. Patang denotes the aspirations of children and their families to reach for their fullest potential. It seeks to capture what could be done to make this possible.

Our previous consultations have pointed to a number of challenges including a lack of trained professionals, a dearth of specialised vocational and occupational therapy, stigma and discrimination, and low awareness amongst and training for caregivers. But, there have been no studies carried out to provide empirical evidence on the extent to which issues such as these prevent access to services or the interplay between service access and social characteristics, or the strategies that caregivers use to cope in an environment of lack.

Reliable data on barriers on service access is crucial for government and service providers to effectively increase the provision and accessibility of services, and to target the most marginalized groups, for inclusive development of persons with intellectual and developmental challenges.

The Patang Study aims to:

  • Understand the interplay of social factors as they relate to access to and utilisation of specialised services.
  • Ascertain the extent to which specialised services are available to, accessible for and utilised by PwC and their caregivers.
  • Document the narratives of PwC and their caregivers with a view to learning about the resilience strategies adopted by them to deal with their situations.

To deliver this study, Amrit is partnering with Amaltas, a research and development consulting organisation with expertise in carrying out mixed methods studies among marginalised groups, and Sigma Research and Consulting, an organisation with substantial experience in social research and data collection.