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Why We Need to Retire the Word ‘Retard’

May 04, 2021 | Esha Nobbay Why We Need to Retire the Word ‘Retard’ Language is the most established form of expression and communication among humans. While it acts as a facilitator of deeper understanding of one another, it also allows us to spew vile and hateful slurs at each other creating rifts between different […]

Fast Facts 25 - Assistive Technology for Persons with Challenges

The 25th edition of Fast Facts on Assistive Technology for Persons with Challenges is here! Fast Fact 25-English Fast Fact 25-Hindi

Reimagining disability

March 01, 2021 | Ishita Wadhwa Reimagining disability You call us different and in the same breath special so why is our difference also our inequality? How could you possibly claim to be open-hearted if your acceptance of us is the power you give to yourself after you construct this divide so deliberately? How could […]

E-Newsletter Issue 28, February'21

The 29th issue discusses news and views about Down Syndrome E-Newsletter Amrit Issue 29-English E-Newsletter Amrit Issue 29-Hindi


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