Good Touch and Bad Touch

August 1, 2019 | Asmi


My five year old self
Saw a butterfly fluttering above a flower
When I was in the garden
With my Uncle Mark

He picked me up
Kissed my cheeks
Placing his hands
Between my vees

He gave a smile
I can never forget
It comes to me
In my darkest dreams

Bribed me with a doll
Then we played with a ball
After few throws and catches
He again got bored

Touched me again
In the places belonging to my very own
As the sun was setting
He said in a manly tone


It’s time to go back home dear
Do not let anyone about our game hear
It’s a secret between us
Be a nice girl and hide it from the world

If you let anyone hear about it
You know the consequences
Mummy Daddy will be in danger
And they will hate you for it

With that he gave a sinister laugh
Placed a kiss on my palm
Promised me to return next week
Bringing along lots of gifts

Often now I think about it
Wishing I had told someone about it
Only if I knew, his play ripped my flesh
Took pieces of my heart
And turned it into ash


“Touch has a memory!!”

A touch is the crucial form of contact between two humans. A touch defines whether it brings us warmth or curse. “Good touch and bad touch” has become such a burning topic in these current years, that it has become a necessity for everyone to be aware about it. It keeps us safe from the prying hands surrounding us. If someone’s touch make you uncomfortable and you want them to stop, it is a bad touch. If it feels pleasant and good, then it is a good touch.

If anyone dares to cross the line between masculinity and obscenity, he must be punished. If their touch breaks you, makes you feel vulnerable and not enough, your faith might shake but trust me, your hope won’t die, because there will always be another sunrise. They might knock you but I know these are the moments you are going to remember and you will keep pushing. They cannot destroy you. Their touch might make you feel hideous and impure but the fire inside you will burn only them.

If you fall into such situation, speak up. Don’t be afraid of opening up. No one will judge you or hate you. Tell this secret to the adult you trust the most because 95% of times it’s the person we know is the abuser. We teach the kids to be safe outside but we never teach them to be safe inside.

There are multiple laws made for the cause like POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) Act of 2012. It was formulated in order to effectively address sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children through legal provisions. Many schools have Value Education Classes where they are taught about their rights and duties on the matter.

Life is to live and not to survive. We all want our children to be safe. So let’s join our hands and take a step forward to sensitize them about their private parts so that they are ready to face and handle any odd situation or person coming their way. Bad touch can leave a lifelong damage on one’s memory. Our children need to learn with what perception does the person looks at us. They have to learn how to say NO.

About the author: Asmi is a fifteen-year-old girl who is in love with literature. She is fond of reading mystery thrillers and fantasies and has more than a hundred books in her library. She also loves writing about stirring topics. She is a feminist and often writes poetry on feminism. Her first fantasy fiction novel called Path Seekers was launched when she was 14. Her poem on prostitution is published in an upcoming anthology called “Wings of Words”. She worked as a young journalist for the newspaper Dainik Jagaran for a year where she took interviews of prominent personalities.


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