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E-Newsletter Issue 28, October'20

We introduce a new series of blogs for Professionals. The first of the series reviews how a professional assessment of Cerebral Palsy can be done so that a course of action for treatment can be charted. E-Newsletter Amrit Issue 28-English E-Newsletter Amrit Issue 28-Hindi


September, 2020 | Manika Tomar CEREBRAL PALSY FOR PROFESSIONALS Cerebral Palsy is a group of neurological disorders that affects muscle coordination and body movement permanently. At its core, Cerebral Palsy is a motor disorder that occurs in the womb or during infancy. It affects muscle control and tone, posture, balance, fine and gross motor skills, […]

Fast Facts 23 - Assistive Technology for Persons with Challenges

The 23rd edition of Fast Facts on Assistive Technology for Persons with Challenges is here! Fast Fact 23-English Fast Fact 23-Hindi


July 31, 2020 | Sujay Agrawal THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC MORE DIFFICULT FOR CHILDREN WITH INTELLECTUAL AND DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES? A TIME OF COVID-19 The novel Corona virus has taken over the world in a matter of months. Covid-19 has been shown to pose a ‘greater risk’ to several subpopulations such as older persons and people with […]


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