Lavina Nanda

Lavina Nanda

I am a coordinator for the Early Intervention service at a mental health institute called Children First.

Sahas Special Institute

The school has been running since 1999. There are multi categories. Total numebr of students are 70 in the age group 3 to 45 years.

Shilpi Sharma

Working with Yashoda Hospital, Tirath Ram Hospital, Saroj Hospital

Anandashram – Missionaries of Charity of Mother Teresa

We provide free service to the poor. We are a 10 year old organisation with a total staff of 20. We have 55 children who are orphaned. They are all mentally or physically challenged. This ashram is only for boys.

The New Leraning Heights Special School

We are providing many services like speech therapy, behaviour management, school readiness, special school and remedial education, integration promotions, early intervention, guidance and counselling.

Spastic Society of Gurgaon

Prior appointement is required


We provide quality care and intervention services to children with special needs. We also provide NIOS classes, remedial education, sports and group classes