Dew Drops Learning Solutions

Dew Drops Learning Solutions

Dew Drops Mission: \”Not to leave any stone unturned to bring out child\’s hidden potential and do all things which he/she is capable of\” We provide solutions to various learning needs of children. Our team of experts, over the past 16 years, has been providing these solutions for children with developmental delays like Autism, ADHD […]

Swati Mahendru

Speech therapy, assessment and management, hearing aids for hearing impaired

Vasudha Sharma

Works in: Child language disorders (Autism, DS, MR, CP) Fluency disorders (Stuttering) Voice disorders (VF paralysis, VC hyperfunction disorder) Neurological disorders (Aphasias, dysarthrias)

Ankit Virender Prasad Nautiyal

Also works in vestibular rehabilitation

Advaiytaa Speech Hearing and Balance Clinic

Our clinic basically works for speech and hearing therapy and vestibular balance diagnosis and rehabilitation. We also organize camps

The New Leraning Heights Special School

We are providing many services like speech therapy, behaviour management, school readiness, special school and remedial education, integration promotions, early intervention, guidance and counselling.

Holy Heart Special School

We are a social organization and we are working for disabilities and community development programmes. We are working for children with special needs and running loads of programmes for them.