Swechha – Our Services Bank

Swechha – The Little Peepul Tree Services Bank – is a key resource for all those who care for children with challenges.

Swechha is an initiative that puts decision-making in the hands of Caregivers and parents of Children with Challenges (CwC).

It is a one-stop portal where you can search our extensive directory of service providers to find the support services your child needs!

Here you can also learn more about intellectual and developmental challenges. We have put together specific information for these four challenges:

We have also put together general information on support services available for persons with challenges, and what it means to live with an intellectual or developmental challenge. You can also browse through a list of useful links and documents to external websites that could help you in caring for your child.

By taking a digital route, Swechha is utilising the democratising and disseminating capabilities of the web to enable and empower caregivers of children with challenges. It responds to the need of caregivers for information, reducing the gap between the caregivers and service providers, thus helping to build a more inclusive society for everyone.