Skills Development

Skills are necessary for modern life. Skills prepare persons for the job market, enabling them to earn their living and mainstreaming them into wider society. In so doing, skills can help build self –esteem and self confidence, and grow social networks leading to a high quality of life.

Approximately 1 crore persons with disability of various types are in the employable age. Sadly, they are obliged to remain poor due to the lack of training and employment opportunities. Such youth constitute a neglected and marginalized section of our community, but one whose contributions could change the world. One only need remember the great Stephen Hawking as one example among several.

Amrit Foundation of India began its work in Skills Development Training for young adults with intellectual and developmental challenges with a partnership with Fortis Hospotel Ltd. We work closely with training partners F-Tec Skills Development and Sarthak Educational Trust to provide employability enhancement for the trainees. The program centres on computers skills development and the areas of retail and store management. We have so far provided training to 22 young adults from the Sahara School of Mentally Handicapped and Inspiration school.

Alumni from our Skills Development Training have received placement at C&C Constructions and Bombakery were forthcoming in their support. Jobs for which they have been selected include store operations, data entry and packaging.

If you are a parent/ caregiver looking for skills development training for your child or an inclusive employer willing to employ young adults with unique capabilities, Team Amrit looks forward to hearing from you at team@amritindia.in!