The Patang Project reveals how much still needs to be done for children with challenges

 Unnati Bose | November 6, 2017

 Despite the evolution of public health in India, the discourse around disability leaves much to be  desired. General awareness about intellectual and learning disorders remains mediocre, although we  see some positive steps in the past few years with initiatives…     

What Is ‘Disability’? These 4 Brilliant Achievers Will Change The Way You Think About It

 Priyanka Sharma | May 6, 2016

 Imagine a child with a thousand dreams who is not able to express them. Now, imagine that child  doggedly embarks on a journey to achieve those dreams, when thousands have already declared it  hopeless. A common enough story, familiar to anyone…  

Do the differently abled have to be extraordinary to be accepted?

 Deepak Kumar | August 1, 2018

 When a loved one is diagnosed with a medical condition, there are many questions that emerge. How  will they cope with the harsh realities of the world? How do you deal with someone who is different  from others? How will your life be impacted by this revelation? …   


A Reflection of Life: Contemporary Cinema and Persons with Challenges

 Karan Yadav | May 1, 2018

 Many believe that persons with intellectual and developmental challenges cannot function in society  and are unable to  meet the physical or emotional demands of normal  life. People believe that they  cannot handle the challenges of daily life and are not able to contribute…