The Amrit Board

President of the Board
Capt. Rajbir Singh brings an incredible depth of experience in entrepreneurship and governance. A former Indian Army officer, his understanding of systems and their performance provides leadership and direction to Amrit’s strategy and execution. His wide networks support the initiatives that Amrit takes up. Capt. Rajbir Singh is has been a Director of C&C Constructions Ltd., a leading Indian construction firm since 1996. He served in the Indian Army for 10 years between 1977 – 1987.
Founding Board Member
Dr. Suneeta Sethi is a public health specialist and paediatrician who is passionate about equity. Amrit Foundation of India was born of her vision. She has over 35 years of experience in the development sector, having worked in India and abroad. Dr. Sethi runs Amaltas, a research and consulting firm working to accelerate improvements in the lives of people. An international development expert, Dr. Sethi began her career at St. John’s Medical College and has worked at DFID, Government of India and the World Bank.
Secretary of the Board
Mr. JS Kang, a former Indian Administrative Service officer, brings a range of management and administrative skills to steer Amrit’s operations to efficiency and effectiveness. His background in international development with the World Bank makes him an ideal interlocutor with Amrit’s stakeholders. Mr. Kang took voluntary retirement from the Indian Administrative Service officer (Tamil Nadu, 1970 batch), in 1993 after serving as Secretary to Govt. of Tamil Nadu. He is a seasoned public administrator with strong professional experience in health, population and nutrition.
Vice President of the Board
Mr. Gobind Sethi is a successful serial entrepreneur, having co-founded sports and construction start-ups. His aptitude in digital marketing provides the ideal support to Amrit’s accent on digital initiatives. Mr. Sethi is responsible for providing a realistic assessment of the expansion plans of Amrit. As a student of Vasant Valley School, his values draw him to build an inclusive society. Mr. Sethi is a founding partner of Sports Group Asia and SGSR, a construction firm with the focus on building for a new tomorrow.
Mr. Sanil Makhija is a young sports enthusiast and entrepreneur. His skill in marketing and operations contribute substantially to Amrit’s reach. Ever ready to take up new challenges, Mr. Makhija provides enthusiasm and energy to Team Amrit. Mr. Makhija is a founding partner of Sports Group Asia and SGSR. He has co-founded the Phoenix Project and the Federation Cup, an NCR-wide football tournament. His venture is undertaking large scale construction projects in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh states.
Board Member
Mr. RM Aggarwal is a retired government officer with over 50 years of experience in managing projects. He has a fine understanding of the imperatives of management of institutions, having served in Government and private organizations in India and abroad. He is a Fellow of Institute of Engineers of India and a Member of several technical professional bodies. As a former government functionary, he has a keen interest in the delivery of entitlements to those deserving of them.
Board Member
Ms. Arvinder (Ruby) Singh guides the Amrit team with deep personal involvement. With personal experience of the challenges of bringing up a child with disability, she brings the caregiver perspective to the various projects that Amrit undertakes. She is a constant supporter of Amrit’s endeavours, providing not only valuable knowledge but also hands-on participation. Ms. Singh has worked at the World Bank for over two decades. She spearheaded the HIV/AIDS awareness program among the staff and their families through community outreach programs and workshops.
Board Member
Mr. R. Poornalingam is an erudite scholar and administrator with extensive experience in development administration in India and abroad. As Secretary to the Government, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare in the Government of Tamil Nadu, he introduced the well-known Tamil Nadu Medical Procurement Services Corporation reform. Mr. Poornalingam is a 1970 batch Indian Administrative Officer who has served as Secretary to Government of India. His intimate understanding of reform proves invaluable to Amrit as it debates the advancements in the field of disability.
Board Member
Dr. Bryan Nobbay is a medical specialist practising in Bangalore. As a physician, he has a deep understanding of the requirements of those in need, in particular those marginalised on account of poverty and disability. As the organisation expands the scope of its intervention to broader geographies, he is expected to play a greater and greater role. Dr. Nobbay has trained at the St. John’s Medical College and Armed Forces Medical College. His support brings great strength to Amrit.
Board Member
Mr. SC Saluja is a retired government officer, with an illustrious career in India and abroad. His presence on the Board has made his skills in project management available to Amrit. As a grandfather of someone who has overcome challenges, he brings a can-do spirit to Amrit, immensely helpful in its nascent life. He retired as Chief Engineer, and his international experience with several multilateral organizations provides a unique perspective to Amrit’s work.