Training Courses

These ultra-short courses will build proficiency through factual examples, relying not merely on didactic teaching methods, but modern-day, adult learning techniques.

Growing economies such as India’s are recognizing the need for professionals who bring a fusion of strategic thinking and decision making skills. These courses are intended for junior staff of not-for-profits, for-profit consulting, market research and government advisory organizations. If you are a young professional, or soon-to-be professional, expecting to build an outstanding career, these courses are for you!

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By joining forces, Amrit Foundation of India complements its focus on vulnerability research and Amaltas’ cutting edge technical knowledge.

The course will run on 4 – 5 October 2018 from 1100 am to 0500 pm each day.

Venue: Amaltas Consulting Pvt Ltd, C-20 Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016

About the course
Qualitative data is an essential element of research that captures ‘rich’ data that can tell us much about systems and lives. Like quantitative data, large qualitative datasets are impossible to analyze without the right tools. Of late, qualitative data analysis has become increasingly software-driven.

Have you ever wondered how to deal with all the excellent qualitative data that you are gathering? This course offers an excellent opportunity to understand the philosophy of qualitative data and the intricacies associated with its analysis. This course will help to:

  • Understand the basics of qualitative data, its importance and utility
  • Organize your data through a systematic approach to deduction.
  • Familiarize yourself with the approaches to qualitative analysis in MS Excel and Atlas.ti.
  • Apply theory to practice using adult learning techniques such as Fishbowls, case studies etc.
  • Develop a basic understanding of qualitative reporting

The course will run on 15 – 16 October 2018 from 1100 am to 0500 pm each day.

Venue: Amaltas Consulting Pvt Ltd, C-20 Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016

About the course
“In order to succeed, one needs a plan and not enough time.” This adage underlines the importance of planning in any success story. Developmental programs both cost a lot of money as well as have a lot of expectations riding on them. It is therefore imperative for program managers to meticulously conceptualize, plan and execute them.

Are you looking to immerse yourself in results-based management thinking?
The Logical Framework (logframe) Approach is a tool for program managers for designing, monitoring and evaluating the direction of a development program. This course will help you:

  • Conceptualize a logframe in program management.
  • Understand the processes that form the foundations of a logframe.
  • Familiarize yourself with approaches to logframe development.
  • Understand the elements of a logframe.
  • Undertake development of a logframe using interactive techniques such as World Café, Mind Maps etc.