#weallfitin Campaigns

The #weallfitin campaign is a youth-oriented effort to create ambassadors for disability. The campaign sensitises young persons in schools, colleges and corporates to become impassioned advocates for a diverse society.

Amrit believes that there is place for each one of us in society – each one of us fits in. Amrit recognises that we all have challenges, but that with the right support we can overcome them to make a positive contribution to society. Often, children with intellectual and developmental disability face discrimination and inequitable access to education, social activities and employment opportunities. This happens because others – and sometimes, they themselves – cannot see how they fit into the multifaceted pattern of society.

Not only does it transform young people into ambassadors for the challenges faced by persons with intellectual and developmental issues in their everyday lives, it encourages them to introspect about their own challenges. The #weallfitin campaign is an effort to build an inclusive society by generating awareness about hurdles children with challenges face in reaching their full potential. We do this through:

  • Holding sensitisation workshops for youth in schools, colleges and workplaces in which they can learn about intellectual and development challenges, and thus become compassionate and empathetic to diverse realities.
  • Working with our ambassadors to take small steps in their place of study or work to build a more inclusive mind set.
  • Asking them to shoulder a leadership role by writing, advocating, building rigorous knowledge, and raising funds for the cause.
  • Empanelling special care providers to Sweccha – the special care provider databank

Each year we work with institutions such as Amity University, Jamia Millia Islamia university, Lady Shri Ram College, FIIB, Sri Venkateswara College, IILM, Srijan School and The Heritage School. We have sensitised more than 1000 young people and counting! Amrit counts more than 100 exceptional student volunteers among its ardent supporters. These young people have produced over 20 articles for the popular media, reaching many, many Indians and making diversity a way of life.

If your school/ college/ workplace is interested in participating in the #weallfitin campaign, we’d love to hear from you! Email us at team@amritindia.in to find out more.