#weallfitin College Program


The college program for the #weallfitin campaign has two components.


Social Work for Special Needs

The Social Work for Special Needs Program offers fieldwork opportunities to students studying Social Work and Development Studies. The program involves college students as Fellows for Inclusion (FFI).

The FFIs are provided an opportunity to work with a non-governmental organization through purposeful fieldwork and to build civic responsibility through community service. The Fellows have an exceptional opportunity to learn about the vast field of human rights through hands-on involvement with persons with intellectual challenges. They interact directly with a range of service providers, empaneling them on Amrit’s Services Bank and helping us to grow our online database. They also engage in creative activities, including creating a short video and producing a reflective piece of writing.


Campus Ambassador

The Campus Ambassador Program is an opportunity for selected students to become Ambassadors for Inclusion (AFI). It provides an exclusive opportunity to gain leadership, advocacy and communication skills. Two AFIs will be selected per college campus based on their unique skills and talents.

The AFIs will carry out advocacy work for Amrit’s cause on college campuses. They will use their experience and contacts to implement novel ideas to raise awareness, discuss and debate issues related to persons with challenges, myths and barriers to access services. AFIs are encouraged to use their creativity to support inclusion advocacy, and will be supported in small research activities, depending on their skills and interests. Through empanelment of service providers, they become part of the three pillars of our work: Knowledge Creation, Service Banks and Inclusion Advocacy.


If your college would be interested in participating in #weallfitin 2016, we’d love to hear from you! Email us at team@amritindia.in to find out more.