#weallfitin School Program

The #weallfitin campaign has separate programs designed for students and teachers in schools.


Student Program

Sensitisation workshops will be conducted in participating schools for students of Class IX-XI. The 2-hour workshop will have many thought-provoking and interactive activities that enable students to understand intellectual and development challenges in greater detail. It will also simulate what children with challenges experience to help students empathize with the cause.

At the end of the workshop, students will be invited to apply to become Leaders for Inclusion (LFI), where they will work directly with Amrit Foundation for 2 weeks over the summer school break. This will inculcate leadership qualities among children, allow them to gain valuable work experience and motivate them to think about inclusion and civic responsibility.


Teacher Program

Since teachers are the most important pillar for knowledge dissemination, we aim to sensitise them to create an enabling environment in classrooms where every child can grow.

The sensitisation workshops for teachers will help them remain alert to issues which children with intellectual and developmental challenges face and adopt suitable measures. This will also ensure that lessons are imparted in schools in a way that other students also develop sensitivity towards classmates with intellectual and development challenges.

There is also an opportunity for teachers to become part of Amrit’s online advocacy and resource community as Champions for Inclusion (CFI). New lesson ideas will be sent to CFIs every six months to help them creatively engage with the subject of inclusion and intellectual challenges in their classroom. Teachers along with their students will be invited to educational trips and ‘Under the Little Peepul Tree’ events to explore options for community service and develop a sense of civic responsibility and ethic in them.


If your school would be interested in participating in #weallfitin 2016, we’d love to hear from you! Email us at team@amritindia.in to find out more.