About Us
We want to make the world a more inclusive place for all, no matter what their religion, race, caste, creed or gender.

Amrit Foundation of India promotes the development and well-being of all Indians so that they may individually and collectively reach their fullest potential. ‘Amrit’ is the divine nectar which has healing powers and releases one from mortal limitations.

Our current focus is on children with intellectual and developmental challenges through our flagship programme, The Little Peepul Tree. In Indian folklore, the ‘peepul’ tree is the tree of wisdom and understanding. Gautam attained Buddhahood while meditating under the peepul or bodhi tree. The name is also a play on the word peepul – meaning both the peepul tree as well as little people.

Our team works hard to find ways to create a level playing field for children with intellectual and developmental challenges, so that they too, can play a meaningful role in building tomorrow’s India. Since we were set up in 2012, we have made big strides. We have…

  • Created a large database of service providers working with children with challenges, making it easier for caregivers to find the help their children need
  • Carried out research to create new evidence about what the experience of caring for a child with intellectual challenges in India
  • Hosted events for children with challenges, allowing them to participate in mainstream activities such as Raahgiri
  • Sensitised hundreds of young people across Delhi to the experiences of persons with challenges

These are just some of our successes – read our Annual Reports for more details and visit ‘What we Do’ to find out what we are currently up to.

Amrit Foundation of India is registered under the Societies Act, 1860.