The Little Peepul Tree

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The Peepul Tree is a sacred tree in India, it bestows wisdom and is a place for gatherings. Similarly, the Little Peepul Tree initiative brings together knowledge and people in a growing movement to support children with challenges.

The Little Peepul Tree aims to create a level playing field for children with intellectual and development challenges, giving everyone a chance to succeed. We do this by creating new knowledge, sharing critical resources and building networks of support for people with challenges and their caregivers.

We specifically focus on four intellectual and developmental challenges: Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome and Intellectual Disability. We use the term ‘challenges’ to reflect our belief that no-one should be defined by their disability and, with the right support, these challenges can be conquered!

Our work has three strands:

  • Services Bank :: we are building an online platform with key information on intellectual challenges and an extensive directory of service providers.
  • Knowledge Creation :: we create and disseminate knowledge on intellectual and developmental challenges.
  • Inclusion Advocacy :: we seek to change the public and policy discourse around children with challenges.

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We recognise that we cannot achieve our ambitious goals alone. Our work relies on your support and involvement – whether you are a person with challenges, parent or caregiver, service provider or simply someone who believes in inclusion. We invite you to join us Under the Little Peepul Tree!